1. If you are just starting or beginning to consider digital signage, ComQi is a world-class solutions provider with over 15 years of real-world experience that can help guide you in delivering a cost-effective highly successful deployment.
  2. High ROI and low cost of ownership. Digital Signage can result in sales uplift of 30% or more and an increase brand awareness.
  3. Industry-leading easy-to-use content management platform, EnGage, that will support simple to complex deployment.
  4. As a full-service system integrator, our team of industry experts can help ensure the highest level of design, deployment, custom development, content management and on-going support.
  5. Full line of Consumer Engagement Technologies using all digital touch-points: small pixel pitch LED, flat-panel displays, ultra-stretch displays, tablet-style screens, touchscreens and mobile.
  6. An Open API allows us to support  integration with PoS systems, Social Media, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), Inventory and other back-of-the-house applications including RFID, Beacons, bar-code readers,  cameras etc.
  7. Powerful line of media players including x86-based players, Brightsign® players, SDM, SoC, OPS, EnGage embedded and multi-head players.
  8. Get the most out of your digital signage deployment with a powerful set of software tools such as On Site. A tablet-friendly tool which allows users local to a site to make updates to assigned screens all the while complying with brand guidelines.
  9. View real-world scaleable Use-Cases from some of our customers.
  10. If you have concerns with your current digital signage provider and need a different point-of-view, ComQi can help.

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